Motto Place Holder (rohmie) wrote in cinemapileup,
Motto Place Holder

The Take

I finally saw The Take with nezmaster.

It was pretty damn good. A bit too much piano music. Nez thought it wasn't as clear as it could be, but I thought it was clear enough. It's a documentary about a movement in Argentina in which unemployed factory workers take over the abandoned factories in which they used to work and put them back in production. Although the film is mostly focused on one group's efforts to get legal title so they can start running, it also shows other factories that are already in production in defiance of the law. (Hence, Nez's confusion.) Different collectives pursue reopening differently. For example, one insists everyone gets an equal wage, another doesn't. Like many documentaries, this one starts in medias re, but it is not as confusingly a-linear as some documentaries like Why We Fight.
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