Motto Place Holder (rohmie) wrote in cinemapileup,
Motto Place Holder

Joyeux Noël

So, I finally saw Joyeux Noël, which came out three years ago. It is a shameless tearjerker and it works. It is a brilliant film. It was everything I expected. It is your typical, pretty Euro anti-war film. Almost nothing surprises and yet it was still incredible. At first, you may think that it is about the unifying power of religion, but that interpretation is handily dispatched so I guess there is a surprise and I just ruined it. Rent it anyway. The trailer does not do it justice. In fact it dumbs things down considerably and makes it a lot schmaltzier. Yes, I said it was a tearjerker, but it is done well with some subtlety. There is no fakey happy ending, because that would be rewriting history. Indeed, it seems to be a realistic blend of hope and despair. Like I said, it is your typical, pretty Euro anti-war film, which also explains why religion was discredited.

Now, if they will just make a film about when the French Army went on strike.

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