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Decker Shot First

Well, I finally saw the "Final Cut" of Blade Runner and I was pleased to see that director Ridley Scott did not pull a Lucas on us. This is the third version of this film, but the tweaking was either pleasing or invisible. I approve.

I had heard a rumor that Scott had replaced Vangelis's soundtrack but he had not. Not that Vangelis's soundtrack for Blade Runner was especially memorable. Unlike his score for Chariots of Fire it sort of loitered in the background for most of the movie, but its omission would have impacted the feel. I had also heard that 1984 was going to be rereleased without the Eurythmics soundtrack, so I figured this was the same deal.

The Final Cut is essentially the Director's Cut with minor tweaking and improved sound and picture. The only CGI fix was a necessary one. In both the theatrical release and the Director's Cut, Rutger Hauer's character releases a dove into a sunny blue sky, even though the rest of the scene was a rainy night. I had always assumed that this was an artistic decision, but it was a budgetary one. So they fixed that, but I could not spot any other changes.

The additional disk was a making of documentary called Dangerous Days. It ran three and a half hours. It was fascinating, but exhausting.
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