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Pan's Labyrinth & The Devil's Backbone

I recently watched the films Pan's Labyrinth and The Devil's Backbone from director Guillermo del Toro. I enjoyed both films, and there are several similarities between the two (both are set during the Spanish Civil War, both feature young protagonists, both films are macabre as all get out).

Neither film is for the squeamish, though, as they both have some very violent scenes.

I was amused by the reviews for the films on Netflix. They read pretty much the same for both movies;

User 1: 5 stars "...beautiful and poignant..."

User 2: 5 stars "'ve seen something great because you feel moved."

User 3: 4 stars "...both disturbing and magical at the same time."

User 4: 5 stars "...Powerful and poetic..."

And perhaps the most telling of reviews;

User 5: 1 star: "Eeeew, subtitles!"
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